The Un-hackable Survival Guide for Caregivers & Widow(er)

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Welcome, I'm Vicki

I am an author, advocate, speaker, and caregiving coach who helps others maintain sanity and humor amidst widowhood, caregiving and Alzheimer’s, assisting friends to embrace the joy in each new day, providing insight on caring with a loving heart, adjusting to the loss of a loved one, and guiding the heart in response to a loved one’s health changes , pointing the way to a happier heart.


I have a long history of not knowing how to say No when someone asks me to do something or when I see something that needs to be done. This is basically how I became a caregiver 24/7.

There were never enough hours in the day – constantly juggling multiple plates while not being able to satisfy everyone, that was my world at that time.

What is the Un-Hackable Happier Heart 3-Step Process for Caregivers and Widow(ers)


Self-Love For All. Faith opens our heart allowing us to love ourselves so we can love others

  • Self-care opens the door to self-awareness and self-fulfillment
  • Love helps guide priorities & manage time
  • Recognizing your strengths helps you embrace the unique person you are


Shift Your Outlook. Transition how you view your world away from victim to victor

  • Eliminate distractions for a clearer focus
  • Truth will open your eyes to a clearer vision of your life
  • Zone in on what matters most


Serving with Compassion. Energy moves us forward allowing us to achieve our goals, dreams, and desires

  • Accept your past
  • Be content with your present
  • Open your heart to a hopeful future

Un-Hackable Coaching Options

Pointing the Way to Happier Hearts for Caregivers and Widow(er)s

Coaching for

Point you in the direction on how to:

  • Avoid caregiver burnout
  • Refocus your loved one’s behavior
  • Keep your loved one engaged
  • Prepare for the death of your loved one

Coaching for
Widows & Widowers

Point you in the direction on how to:

  • Understand the grieving process
  • Become more self-sufficient
  • Embrace the new chapter in your life
  • Prepare your heart to love again


Good morning i love you

Sometimes we’re reluctant to admit that person silently hiding within us is a much better version of our self than we ever realized was possible. That’s what Veasey eventually learned, the hard way, after her husband died in 2017. That’s when she became her parents’ caregiver 24/7, they both had Alzheimer’s! This is a truthful, personal story that bares the author’s soul as she struggled to find acceptance, forgiveness, and peace. You’ll shed a few tears and laugh along the way. But, never forget that this could be you one day, a reluctant caregiver for a loved one. As Vicki states in the introduction, “No one should enter this world of caregiving blindsided, without some idea of what to expect.” Eventually, she was able to look herself in the mirror at night and say, “I’m an amazing caregiver”!